I help businesses build and market their software-as-a-service (SaaS) products.

I'm a SaaS consultant, helping business owners with technical architecture, technical leadership, team building/recruiting, and operational process improvement. I run Red Piranha Labs — a SaaS business that produces SaaS tools for social media marketing and social selling. I've written over a dozen books over the past 20 years, and this is my blog.

A toxic hellstew of wrong predictions

12 October 2017 by Matt Baxter-Reynolds
As an industry, we've never once called a major trend ahead of its arrival. Why do we keep on trying to predict things?

Microsoft and the consumer space

9 October 2017 by Matt Baxter-Reynolds
Billions spent chasing the two market leaders that were so far ahead, there was no way that they could catch up.

What went wrong with Twitter?

2 October 2017 by Matt Baxter-Reynolds
Twitter was once an incredibly powerful tool for finding and working with other professionals. Nowadays, it's almost nothing but political whining.

Uber v Transport for London

24 September 2017 by Matt Baxter-Reynolds
The issue of Uber and Transport for London is about the law, the whole law, and nothing but the law.

Autoupdate hell

22 September 2017 by Matt Baxter-Reynolds
Ugh. Another case of automatic updates breaking things. Plus, Android Auto is pretty bad.
Social Selling: Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers

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Death of the PC

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Red Piranha Labs builds social media marketing and social selling tools.

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Run in the cloud? You should develop there too

21 September 2017 by Matt Baxter-Reynolds
Why are developers using local machines for development? It's simple to run your development environments on hosted servers too.

Data protection/GDPR and blockchain – on a collision course

19 September 2017 by Matt Baxter-Reynolds
Existing data protection legislation in the UK, and upcoming legislation from GDPR is fundamentally incompatible with blockchains.


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