YouTube Parents — the World's First YouTube-Specific Control Filter

mYTParents and YouTube Parents are two interconnected projects. mYTParents is an open source framework that allows device manufacturers to build parental control devices, such as routers, access points, and proxy servers. YouTube Parents is a commercial exploitation of mYTParents — it's the first of its kind device that provides selective filtering and age rating of YouTube Content.

This project was featured in the Evening Standard.

The YouTube Parents Internet Widget — Quick Facts

  • YouTube Parents came out of a problem that I had — my children wanted to watch YouTube, but I found it hard to make sure they only watched videos that were age appropriate...
  • So I sat down and build a device and business around a small widget that would sits on the parents home network, monitoring the child's YouTube activity.
  • When a child clicks on a video, it guestimages the age rating of the video, blocking anything that's over a limit the parent sets.
  • Standard parental control features are included — adult content and safe-browsing blocks, time-based and ad ho "internet on/off", etc.
  • The service will be ready for beta testing in November 2019 — Sign Up for the Beta Test

YouTube Language Analysis

As well as providing on-demand blocking of content based on an estimated age-rating, YouTube Parents also maintains a catalogue of videos found on the platform. Each month, I publish an "profanity" analysis of the most popular videos in the UK. View the YouTube Parents Profanities Reports.