mYTParents — an Open Source Framework for Building Parental Control Devices

mYTParents and YouTube Parents are two interconnected projects. mYTParents is an open source framework that allows device manufacturers to build parental control devices, such as routers, access points, and proxy servers. YouTube Parents is a commercial exploitation of mYTParents — it's the first of its kind device that provides selective filtering and age rating of YouTube Content.

Building mYTParents was a natural extension of the work undertaken for YouTube Parents. I needed a base framework for both intercepting and making decisions about internet content, and for rolling out what are essentially IoT devices. I wanted to make sure YouTube Parents was based on a best-in-class security implementation. In addition, the market for basic internet control devices itself was saturated — there are a proliferation of devices on the market that all essentially the same things. By opening up an open source framework, my hope is that both hobbiest/maker innovators, and innovative commercial businesses will be able to design products that make it safer for children and families.

If you're a device manufacturer or internet service provider, please get in touch to learn how mYTParents can help you on your project.